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How MBA makes a better person out of you


We have been over informed about what they do not teach in an MBA. Yes an MBA is not a one stop shop that prepares you for all eventualities in professional or business life. However a good MBA teaches you a lot and some of those lessons are

  • It teaches you the business process in general & the standard tools available for the normal operations of a business. Knowledge of business does not always mean an ability to manage. That is an art that you practice and perfect over time.
  • It teaches you to think objective or business like. You are taught the concept of investment & returns, in various forms and subjects, which help you to be objective in your activities. If you imbibe your MBA, you can better look at each project objectively, appraise individually and decide on the best project in a critical manner.
  • It expands your horizons, some times with detrimental effect. You study engineering and you work as an engineer, you study medicine and you work as a doctor, you study MBA – what do you do? Well the answer is ‘anything’!!! A sense of business has percolated in to all human activities, even in areas that hitherto were considered service. This makes business education relevant in all field of life today. It is immaterial what your basic education is it is imperative to have business knowledge to succeed; and MBA imparts that difference.
  • MBA acts as a finishing school by overall improving you. It imparts the right skills – in terms of communication, interpersonal & analytical skills, it gives you the right knowledge of the business process and the tools. It imparts a positive but critical attitude of looking at things objectively. Together these knowledge, skills & attitude makes you more complete and better prepared to face the worldly challenges.
  • MBA improves your credibility and is often the passport to inner circle of influential groups. The networking capabilities and opportunities provided by an MBA is often the differential on which business success hinges.
  • An MBA generally trains you to think and act like, a businessman. The curriculum and its delivery at most B-Schools are suited to impart practical thinking. Through teaching methods like case methods, it teaches you to apply process & tools to solve real life business problems. This ensures that you are market ready by the time you finish the course and seek employment.

Though the art of management may be some distance away an MBA definitely make a better business person out of you.

Prof. M.A.Sanjeev

Jaypee Business School


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