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MBA Degree: Your ticket to a lucrative career


An MBA degree not only adds value to your persona, but exposes you to numerous career options and teaches you the importance of working in a team.

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A Masters of Business Administration or MBA degree is the most sought-after postgraduate degree across the globe. The degree is versatile and used all over the world, and can offer a major boost to anyone’s career.

According to the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC), more than 85% of last year’s MBA degree graduates had a job at the time they completed their program. Further, nearly 90% of those in part time MBA degree programs had a job at graduation. Most promising, 96% of Executive MBA graduates had jobs at graduation. Undoubtedly, there has been a steady increase in MBA program enrollments due to this reason.

Why MBA?

In this extremely competitive work environment, having a general qualification is not enough. Work today demands in-depth knowledge and technical know-how. MBA provides you with just that.

But before you decide to be a part of the race to enter the portals of ace MBA institutes like IIMs, XLRI, FMS or other top B schools, it would be worth doing a bit of homework. You should know, for instance, what a typical MBA course is like, what the various options for pursuing an MBA program are, and how you can choose the right B School.

Emphasize on placements as well. Students should look at the placement history of every college before they apply to understand the trend. They can also connect with alumni to get insights.

It is important to note that all MBA degrees are not equal. While a rigorous MBA course from a reputed institute can be your ticket to a fat-salaried job at India Inc, there are many lowly-rated institutes from where getting even a halfway decent job is a pipe dream. Fortunately or unfortunately, the prestige of the university you choose can play a large role in how prospective employers will value your MBA degree. Thus, you should consider the ranking of the MBA program you choose to join when making your decision.

Difference between Regular MBA & Distance MBA:

There is no such difference between Regular MBA & Distance MBA as far as the degree is concerned because through both you are getting the same degree, but it is the experience and competitive environment that you will miss while completing MBA through Distance Learning. You will just pass your exam but you miss the concept that Regular MBA courses provide to you.

In Regular MBA you experience a challenging environment where every day you learn something new and exciting. Distance MBA is generally for those students who want to earn and learn at the same time or for those who are financially weak and don’t have time enough time to attend regular classes. In short, Regular is a notch above Distance.


There are over 2500 B-schools in India. Their slick brochures try to be everything to everybody, and in the process they sometimes obscure rather than illuminate. Conventional wisdom says that IIMs are for management and IITs are for engineering. While this notion is partially true, there are other B-schools like SIBM Pune; S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, MumbaiFMS, University of Delhi; IMT Ghaziabad; XLRI Jamshedpur etc, which are known for imparting high quality education in an internationally accredited format.

An MBA is not restricted to a specific community or age. Anyone and everyone can opt for an MBA degree. There are various kinds of MBA courses one can opt for such as Executive, Dual, Distance, Part-time, Speciality etc. The intensive curriculum expands your horizons in terms of business acumen and team management; skills which are essential to move up the corporate ladder.

If you have been working in the job market for a few years and have CEO dreams or are not satisfied with the salary you are drawing, an MBA may just be the boost you need. It can help you move from junior to middle and from middle to senior management in a comparatively lesser time. With a good MBA degree your Senior Manager designation can be transformed into a General Manager’s profile in less than two years which otherwise may take good five to eight years.

To sum it up, if you choose to pursue an MBA, you are pursuing one of the most demanded degrees in the world. You are going to be in a very competitive environment, as you will be competing for jobs with at least a million other people. It is important to know what you are looking for after you graduate, and to work hard in getting into the program of your choice. Be aware what the admission requirements are for your institute and the specific programs that are offered. Especially in this economy, it is going to take more than a degree to stand out among so many other applicants. But eventually, you’ll land up in a career that will suit your aspirations and desire.

Go and gain that competitive edge, go and conquer!

Posted by: Chirag Barotra

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