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Let’s meet Aakash Bhushan, student & C.R. of MBA (Batch 2017-19).

His well built, muscular physique may seem rather unapproachable and cold, but once you get to know him more, you’ll find a really kind, sensitive person in him. He is respected for his confidence but sometimes people feel incompetent around him because of his achievements. He doesn’t ever settle for average and is participative in every practical opportunity to proof himself as a fighter. Some might even mistake his confidence as arrogance.

“Work hard until your idols become your rivals” remarks Mr. Bhushan.

He believes that you are successful only after the people you had admired throughout come equal to you, become your rival and fears to face you. He wants to become a hero and role model for generations in future, and that’s why he opted for MBA. He’s got a business mind, when it comes to earning fame along with money. He is manipulative and persuasive in nature which is his upper hand in any field of business.
Mr. Bhushan, dreams to live a lavish life along with his parents in future and he wants to own a “Jaguar F-Type” his dream car, soon. He is a responsible person with high integrity values and that’s some of the reason’s because of which he is the Class Representative of his MBA class.

Mr. Bhushan had once been a part of ‘Clean Gomti’ project at Lucknow, which was the initiative taken by five young boys, who were his own friends when he was in ninth grade at school. This project was covered by the popular newspaper ‘Dainik Jagran’. In this project he was able to promote it very effectively in the crowd of many and attracted almost fifty youngsters to join hands in the project to make it a great success. His strength was respected widely by all.

Mr.Bhushan, is often mistaken as a rock as he is tough outwardly, but he is bruiser with a soft center. He stands for animal cruelty and aims to open an animal shelter cum aid, soon after MBA. He strongly views that the only way we can stamp out cruelty towards animals is only after each one of us gets vigilant and willing to do our part with honesty. He possesses a soft corner for stray animals, and homeless children.

However, he has a heart of gold. Once he narrated a short incident to his friends – While he was passing by the street, one day, he heard cries of a boy aged 10. He tried to understand, where the voice came from? Suddenly, he spotted a street vendor, who was with his son selling garlands of scented flowers. Aakash went to him asked the reason of his son’s crying out loud. The vendor then reported that his son was suffering from fever and he didn’t have enough money to take him to a good doctor. Aakash got considerate and got his son treated, immediately by a nearest doctor.

The vendor got emotional and as a token of blessing, the vendor gave Aakash eleven bucks, as that was that all he could give him for remembrance. This was success for Aakash. And we are proud of him today.

He is very competent and always aims for the success. He is a fitness freak and loves working-out regularly. Besides having physical & mental toughness he also has a warm and caring heart to help resolve all the problems of his loved ones. A friend like him, herculean from outside but soft on inside is to be treasured. If u try to understand him with time, he can prove to be a friend for life.

Mr. Bhushan shares his thoughts by saying – “Earn your status. Making money is good; making a difference is better; but making money while making a difference beats all. After all it’s all about money at the End”.



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