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“Enjoy every moment of your life.
Because in life, there are no rewinds, only flashbacks.
Make sure it’s all worth it.”

She is a beautiful girl with golden heart, Namami Taneja, who believes so. Currently, she is a pursuing her MBA from JBS, Noida. Her friends appraise her by stating her qualities of being caring, loving, helping, intense and passionate about her work. She stands up for what she believes even if she stands alone. She is a courageous and positive attitude compliments her personality.

She has this absolute passionate drive to own a fashion designing house soon after MBA. Furthermore, she unfolds the secret that it was her mothers’ dream actually and now it’s hers. By encouraging self entrepreneurial mindset and spirit, she proclaims “openness to take risk, clear vision & acceptance of the failures gracefully is the attitude an entrepreneur should possess. Thus, I will understand and overcome procrastination and I’ll be assertive, not aggressive.”

Coming from a commerce background, she was working as an intern at share market where she loosed interest and thus chose MBA for accomplishing her goal. She has that zeal in her to become an entrepreneur soon. Reading e-books and surfing through internet is what she does in her idle time.
Recently, she participated in a Business plan competition and was backed by the 2nd position on stage, which acted like a power booster and motivation towards achieving her dream goal. She loves travelling and thus, shared the memories of her visit to foreign countries like Singapore & Malaysia as the best travel experience till date.

Miss. Namami, was honored to became an elder sister of her cousin brother gifted by God, to The Taneja’s. When her parents placed this little soul on her arms, she wrapped her arms around him and held him close. Very happily & emotionally, she states that it was the happiest day of her life. She thanked The Almighty, for such a precious gift of her life that she longed for almost 17 years after her birth. Her family joyfully celebrated the arrival of a new member in house.

The loving part of her nature is that she is very caring and thoughtful for her loved ones, about her things and about life. She always wears that beautiful smile on her face filled with tenderness, mesmerizes and attracts all towards her. She cares without expectations from others and loves unconditionally.
Yes, because she possess a golden heart!



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