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“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, because no one else but God watches”. This was a child’s thought, who was an introvert person from the childhood but now grows up to be an ambivert man, Amit Prakash.

Amit chose MBA, as he had interest in finance field and thus he looks forward to get placed in financial sector. He also wanted to build his personality and get groomed in-order to help himself transform into an extrovert personality.

While others are busy with their personal stuff, he observes things most people are oblivious too. He knows how to manage tasks accurately in less time which shows he is creative at work. He knows how to balance things in life. He is a patient listener too, but yes, he follows his heart and mind while taking random decisions. He says ‘good listener is an important virtue that will assist us in building peace and understanding’. Amit tend to stick to a small friend circle because he values close relationship with few that he has. Amidst the noise of chatterboxes, Amit sometimes gets everyone drowned out with his thoughts.

“Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed” believes Amit, setting a real example of a selfless person. He is always the first person to help others in anything he can to the best of his ability. Be it in class for sharing his knowledge to lunchbox, or be it socially, Amit is the first person to help all without being asked for. Especially in class, he takes up as his responsibility to share the Presentations with all at personal mails before exams. That’s very kind of him to take care of all at once at exam days when students are in pressure.

After few years of getting placed, he wishes to own a luxurious house and a car for his family. He also wishes to help disabled and under-privileged children for study, as much as he can after he starts earning well. Amit also feeds poor children and old ones once a week and wishes to continue for life. Something that is rare is hard to find, and so is Amit. He is a person who is honest and charitable. His friends value his friendship & support and also understand his worth and noble attitude.

Amit is a genuine person who helps others unconditionally and without grievances. He has went through many ups and downs in life and thus regardless of others faults or sorrows he values humanity to experience positive regards. “Days well spent with my friends and family becomes the happiest day of my life” states Amit, which shows how lively he can be and how well can he enjoy with his deepest impulses.

I would like to take this opportunity and Thank Amit Prakash, on behalf of whole MBA, Batch 2017-19 for his unconditional helping attitude that helped us a lot. And thanks for being such a genuine friend of ours. We are lucky to have you in this journey.



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