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“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are”, quote by Marilyn Monroe, is followed by Miss Akshi Verma, who is currently pursuing her MBA from JBS, Noida. She believes strongly, that not accepting ourselves is ill-treating our emotional and spiritual state. It’s wasting ourselves, when we are focusing on what we could be; we are consequently ignoring who we are.

Miss Akshi is having an Engineering background, and then she chose MBA for further studies. When she was questioned for her choice, she replied “There’s a huge difference in an Engineer and a MBA and I want to know all about business as my father is a businessman. I chose MBA, because Engineering along with MBA is a good combination”. Her father is actually her motivation and the only person who excites her to know all about business. She is very strict with the set rules for her life which she follows honestly. She likes perfection in every work as she is highly conscious and hyper critical of mistakes, infact she spends copious amount of time to perfect something.

“Don’t’ delay, do it today” is her daily mantra that Akshi follows. She works day in and day out on any given project to finish it before the deadline. She hates when her work gets delayed due to anyone thus, she isn’t dependant for anything, on anyone. She completes her tasks beforehand so that she can present it confidently at the presentation day. She mull over outcomes if they did not turn out as envisioned. “The real way to free up some time is by getting started to work on the project immediately” says Akshi. By doing it this way, not only does she minimizes work load daily, but also she finishes with the project in no time at all. She sets absolute ideas, there is either black or white no grey.

Miss. Akshi loves to share her knowledge; she enjoyed teaching students back in her graduation days I her idle time and now she helps her friends at college. In order to stay positive she keeps herself surrounded by positivism all the time. Akshi is not a wanderer; she loves her personal space at room, where she doesn’t allow anyone to interfere in her personal stuff of life. She isn’t a party girl rather prefers to sleep during holidays. She does likes to get together with friends and enjoy but not often as she is determined to complete what she aims for in life and for that her priority lies with time management for fruitful things. Reading novels is one of her favorite hobby. Often we have witnessed how smoothly she takes care of her loved ones and tries to solve their problem in no time. She has got that quality in herself to make the other person realize of his/her mistake without making them feel offended or spoiling relations.

After MBA, she aims to do something in the education line as she wants to encourage students and reinforce positivism towards online education. She wants to create awareness about the virtual and traditional mix of technology for effective and efficient usage in order to upgrade the performance and gain better results.

There were times in life when she dealt with hardships. But with the support of her family, she was encouraged and motivated for her career and take it top in her priority rather than giving way to emotions to take control. Showing her boldness to tackle with tough situation being a single child of her parents was a challenge in itself. She proudly proclaims that her parents are her strength and reason of her bold yet cheerful nature.

We wish Miss Akshi Verma, all the best for her future endeavors



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