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“Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting, this showcase the unique you” this is what he proclaims, with strong will power and determination. He is Shubham Tyagi, pursuing MBA, from JBS, Noida. He has always been an individual with balanced mind. He takes all his decisions after evaluating the pros & cons of the situation or problem. Yes, he had been an introvert person but strong enough to take a stand for himself and his loved ones in odd situations.

Shubham wanted to become a Charted Accountant formerly. No sooner did he realize that it was taking lot of time and he had limited time to secure his future. Accepting the fact that now, he had to take a decision on continuing or taking a break for a mean while, then after which he finally chose to opt for MBA. He further justifies his choice by disclosing that it was his father’s dream to establish an educational institution for underprivileged students who are good at studies but aren’t able to afford the same.Thus, he aspires to become an MBA, as he aims to secure his future first and stand on his own feet after and then after 4-5 years down the line he wants to own an institution.

After joining MBA, he accepted the change in himself as a person. Shubham reveals proudly that he has changed for good; he has transformed himself into an ambivert and has enhanced his communication skills too along with personality development. He is now enjoying and building great interest in finance and aims to enter into stock market in his journey of business. Furthermore, he operates from his deepest conviction in order to create authentic and optimal performance. With such positive attitude, he learnt to trust his own caliber and believe in himself first. Work with full determination and leave the results on God.

“A job doesn’t dictate your lifestyle; it’s what you do to get it and how you manage your finance that determines your lifestyle”. Shubham express that he craves for job satisfaction, reputation, fame, increased standard of living that comes only when you are happy working and enjoy your life.

“The only way to do work is to love what you do”, says Shubham, “If you haven’t got it yet keep hunting for it, do not settle for average”. He has dreamt for a life full of happiness, inner peace, health, respect, values, dignity, patience, trust, character that money cannot buy. Simplicity is his life’s mantra; he stays focused and motivated for achieving his dream. He is a leader of his life. He has some set principles for his life that he follows strictly and doesn’t let anyone get into his comfort zone or take him for granted. Shubham is still preparing to crack CA.

With such a positive thought and to watch what life has stored in for you, we wish Mr. Shubham Tyagi the best of success and excellence in future endeavors.



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