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It’s been long said that “eyes are the windows of the soul”.
“The girl with sparkling eyes” – Prapti Kapoor.

She is beautiful, not just by her looks & personality but also with the way she thinks, for that sparkle in her eyes, for her ability to make others smile. Her eyes are the true and fair reflection of her pure soul. Her friend and family agrees to the fact that as she passes by any person who is sad, she has that positivism in her that she stops and shows concern to the stranger with her encouraging words that he starts smiling at once. She cannot see anyone in pain and thus helps unconditionally. She is a selfless person when it comes to take care of others and help a needy one. She owns a distinguishing personality in her own way as she possesses love for herself and others, liveliness as she loves herself and life, honesty as she is pure, wisdom, responsibility, awareness of her decisions and choices, understanding nature and commitment for relations and priorities set. She is great with her friends and loved ones as she is caring and understands the importance of relations.

Miss. Prapti Kapoor is pursuing her MBA degree from JBS. Being a girl who is so pure at heart with an attractive smile on her face, no one thought she would get into business. But she chose MBA, as she wanted to know why business is not everyone’s cup of tea; she wanted to experience something tough & out of her comfort zone. She wanted to know and explore the business world hands on. She is great student too as she is keen on learning and experiencing stuff that is new to her. Often in her pastime she enjoyed teaching kids and spreading awareness of importance of education in rural areas. Miss. Prapti has a soft corner for elderly and senior citizens. Often during festivals or special occasions she visits old age homes for celebrating with older people who are away from their family and loved ones.

It was the biggest achievement in her life till date when she saw her photograph in the newspaper, when she scored great marks in her 12th grade. She further shares that it was her grandfathers dream to witness his loving granddaughters photograph in the newspaper. But unfortunately, 3 months before when his dream actually came true, he left the world. This was also a turning point in Prapti’s life as she loved him so much that it was tough to come out of that trauma that her motivation was no more around her. But slowly, as time passed she tried to motivate herself to live a life that his grandfather wished for her. And here she is with all her determination and will power to establish her name in the business world.

Miss. Prapti has tried her level best to change her nature for facing the challenges in the corporate level as per the situation would demand. She has got that manipulation skill and convincing power which is the most required in this field. She like exploring places, knowing about different culture & people and thus she loves travelling.
Prapti is strongly against of child labor and after MBA, she plans to donate some part of her salary for the educating the children and release them from working for bread and begging on roads.

With such a noble thought, on behalf of JBS family, I wish all your dream comes true, with even more success and happiness in abundance.



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