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A happy-go-lucky person and has got a positive outlook on life.
He is Atishay Jain, proudly says that “I’m happy all the time because I choose to be happy”.

“Live in the moment”, Atishay shares that he became strong due to hard times, wise because of his mistakes, happier of his sad experiences. It’s all part of life after all; one has to face what may come. No matter whatever happens nothing can wipe that smile of his face. He believes that one shouldn’t mourn for the past, worry about the future but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly. Yes, he can very well balance all the emotions as per situations. Being emotional, he doesn’t allow negativity or sadness to surround or over power him. Sometimes we also find him rigid with his decisions when it comes to career point. People around him, describes him as a person with mixed emotions.
To the outer world, he is a person who has it all, who appears happy all the time.

During his Engineering, he did his internship at Assomac Machines Ltd., Ghaziabad and also at Uflex Ltd., Noida where he learnt the art of machine making and huge immense information about the production line & operations and about India’s largest flexible packaging company respectively.

After completing his Bachelors in mechanical engineering, currently Atishay is pursuing MBA from JBS. At the end of his engineering, it was a turning point in his life when he went for an interview that was purely for marketing profile but for the sake of testing his ability, he went through the session and cracked it. It was the Interviewer who motivated and praised him for his marketing skills and thus it happened eventually that he chose MBA, although he was very much interested for the automobile sector which is evident through his love, interest & madness for cars. He actually loves to acquire all the possible information about cars & gadgets in the market.

“Pleasure in the job, puts perfection in the work” Atishay follows this quote by Aristotle and loves perfection in every work he does to the best of his ability. One should put his entire caliber & energy to pursue excellence as success is the sure to follow, Atishay does that too.

Favoring his passion for cars, after successfully completing his MBA, he aims to work in an automobile industry and to explore all its dimensions.

He enjoys reading success stories of people who made a difference in the world.
Jack Ma, the co-founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group, faced many rejections in his career path, but he never gave up. This ides of never giving up in any tough situation that occurs, motivates Atishay a lot.

After gaining experience from the company he gets hired by, Atishay is strongly determined to return all that he has taken from the society with respect to experience earned and knowledge that he acquired till date. According to him, we can bring change in the society al in positive way, if one starts sharing his experience related to education and career. He ascertains, “Knowledge has no value unless you use it and further share it with the society”.

“My life is so blessed with amazing family who gave me such values and showed me the path towards success. A big thank you to Mom & Dad! ” remarks Atishay.

With such an inspiring note, JBS family wishes Atishay Jain, the very best for all the new ventures that life has stored for you.



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