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Miss. Urvashi Garg, has a straight mantra of life – ‘Smile, it creates a difference’. Life is a roller coaster with ups and downs, but it’s your choice to scream or enjoy. You will have to go through it like everyone does; no one can escape from it.
So, why not just ‘Smile’ and face it.

A beautiful smile not only enhances the beauty of you but also grooms your personality. Even if you have got a beautiful visage, smile makes you appear younger, more confident, convincing and approachable; which in turn makes all your work easier and simpler.

She is a solution finder to every problem that come in-front of her. She is always ready to help people with anything she can.
We find her laborious, studious, helpful and keen to learn. She motivates herself and people to experience & explore new things in life and keep on learning lessons from practical experiences.
For her, Family comes before anything in life. She wants to prove to the society that girls can do miracles if they get determined about anything.
She wanted to explore this business world more and she was determined to pursue MBA as her post graduation from a very young age, and now she is pursuing her dream at JBS.

Urvashi, has also gained a great experience as an HR intern at LUMAX Industry Ltd., Rudrapur (UK) during her Bachelors in Business Administrations. In her part time she has helped some underprivileged children by imparting education along with distributing free books and stationeries for many years which is a great step taken towards child literacy.

Once she had participated in the debate at National Conference held by ‘Make in India’ where her topic was Skill enhancement through ‘Make in India’. She expresses that winning or losing was secondary and all that mattered to them was to fall in line with the spirit of participation. And passing with distinction in her 12th grade was something great for her in-fact these were two biggest achievements till date for her.

She wants to stand on her feet and get independent soon. For this she is contributing her ability, skill, passion and dedication in full force to achieve her goal. After MBA, she wants to stable her life along with her family and after which she aims to impart free education to underprivileged students.

She strongly believes that miracles do happen only if you believe in yourself. She remarks, “Challenge your ability and grab the opportunity provided and make it perfect, to make yourself proud first”.

We wish Miss. Urvashi Garg, great achievements in future. You are a shining star! We are happy and excited for your success. Keep smiling and enjoying.



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