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Elegance is her essence, grace and poise set her apart from the crowd.
She is Esha Singh, who is the perfect combination of beauty with brains.

“Live and let live” is what she follows as she can just be and can let others just be too. She has a class of her own which doesn’t come from her background or parental status but from her proud, confident personality that she holds. She believes in herself and is strongly determined for her career growth. She has a finesse in her manner and speech that is graceful and elegant.

Being a young girl with a positive outlook for life she is punctual, diligent and positive in attitude that creates an impression anywhere she goes and leaves a lasting memory on the audience. She is generous, and shows real empathy to her family, friends and colleagues. She is friendly with the ones she is close to yet reserved and conscious with unknowns. She can manage her emotions well even thus, doesn’t burst out with anger randomly or suddenly.

Esha worked as an intern at ‘Indusind Bank’ during her B.Com. After completing her Bachelors, she wanted to get a whole perspective about the business world for which she opted MBA. She wants to know what it feels to take risk and then think on the possible solutions to deal with uncertainties in the world of business. Hunting for the possible alternative and putting the best management techniques was something challenging that would bring her out of her comfort zone and feel the pressure that any business person undergoes.

Something more that distinguishes her from others is her independent quality. She has working parents and thus, from a very small age she took personal responsibility for her own well being and she knows what’s good and suitable for her and what’s not. She’s introspective and she puts in the effort to understand herself on a deeper level so she doesn’t let others direct her decisions in life. She doesn’t give her power away to anyone.

Though she is the only loving child of her parents she never misused her liberties but learnt to utilize the given worldly pleasure and comfort in a fruitful and productive way. She adapts with situations and is flexible too. She is open-minded but she doesn’t try too hard just to fit in. She sticks to her own principles and she’s both gentle and firm.

Esha is a very kind hearted person. Once she shared with us how she used to go to write exam papers, willing for physically challenged students. She also has a soft corner and profound love for animals. She always does something or the other for helping them live a better and longer life.

It was amusing yet encouraging to know that she is so much into exploring new places and loves travelling that once she went for a solo trip to Pondicherry. It was very emotional as well as motivating for the audience to know that she managed all her expenses during the trip, with her savings so far.

After MBA, Esha wants to explore the world along with her parents. She is determined to pamper her parents and give them the life that they deserve. She was born & brought up like a princess. She loves them and understands how much hardwork they did to give their daughter comfortable and moreover a luxurious life. She also wants to contribute some part of her salary to rescue animals from cruelty.

Esha used to live a fairytale life with no problems and hardships faced, as she was a good student. But life knocked her down few times when she was giving attempts to clear CA. That was the time she realized that life is full of uncertainties. That was a devastating period for as she dealt with failure for the first time so far in career after which she gave a thought on ‘Life’ and understood that life is full of ups & downs and also felt that failures are important in life to make you realize the pain and struggle that people deals with in their normal life.

‘Bill Gates’ remarked, “It’s good to celebrate success but it’s more important to heed the lessons of failure”. This quote motivted Esha, and with positivism and strength to overcome the phase, she didn’t let the sadness get room in her heart & mind.

With such a motivating quote, we are proud to have Miss. Esha Singh with us, who is graceful with every step she takes and thus we feel she will become a true idol as a businesswomen for the society in future, setting a statement of elegance and attitude.

JBS family wishes Miss. Esha Singh success & prosperity in whatever you do. God bless!


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