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“You don’t always have to know exactly what you are doing or where you are going. You just have to be willing to take the next step. Ask your heart if you’re really willing to do it. Sometimes clear and powerful whereas, sometimes with blind and unwavering faith”.

He is ‘Naman Meenakshi Jain’, who takes his calculative steps before he leaps for leaving no scope to regret later.
During his Engineering, he did his internship with Microsoft and currently, he is pursuing MBA and further aims for higher studies to grab as much knowledge as he can by pursuing PhD degree as he aims to launch his own IT firm in the next 5 years, along with his sister.

Naman believes in discussing them deeply and understanding the root cause before coming up with decisions vaguely. He doesn’t reacts suddenly rather minutely observes the situation and then responds with patience. In case he is mistaken, he accepts it willingly as he understands that nothing is impossible for a willing heart and mind.

He distinguishes himself by stating that he respects women a lot unlike others who just fake it in public as he understands the feeling if someone would disrespect his mother. Very strongly does he believe that chivalry and respect are as natural to a gentleman as breathing. It doesn’t require effort.

Naman is thoughtful. He aims to spread happiness and love around so that the ambience stays cheerful around him and their exist peace in lives of all. Often during weekends he makes a routine visit to nearby old age home to spend some part of his life with the old age people who seek love and happiness too living alone without family.

From the very early age when he was an eighth grade student he started sharing responsibility of his family being the only son of his parents which made him a responsible, matured and a person who values time. He began to evaluate life ever since he was in school and started found that healthy and mature mind can accept any challenges and changes and look forward for hopeful anticipation.

According to him, life shouldn’t be depended on the situations around rather you should be the monitor or say controller of your own life. Having realistic expectation about your day to day challenges is the most important ingredient of living a happy life. This has been his mantra for a peaceful life.

JBS Family wishes good luck with success and fame may you soar high !




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