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“She has amazing eyes and a smile worth million. She believes that the greatest self is the peaceful smile, that always sees the world smiling back.”

She is Miss. Jyoti Agarwal.

A girl who walks with a smile cause that’s just who she is. The sense of independence and security is sweet to her as she ponders that life is all about having fun, smiling and shaking hands. She is kind-hearted as helping others makes her happy. She gets connected by others emotions and tries to support them while sharing her positivism and motivating them for the best. She is another happy-go-lucky girl who knows how to react moderately in situations that are against her. She is a jolly person who loves to live in the present and enjoy each moment happily.

During her bachelors, she did her internship at ‘NATIONAL SERVICE SCHEME’ and had been student coordinator at colleges. She holds a positive & confident attitude and has potential to be a great Manager.

Currently, she is pursuing MBA. Coming from a business family she has an essence of business-world already but now as she wants to explore more about business management and learn more about the strategies that a marketer needs to know as she aims to be an entrepreneur one day.

“When I’m my best, I’m my fathers daughter”, says Jyoti proudly. She is very close to her father and he is actually a super hero for her. He taught her how to fight with odds along with managing the family and also balancing your own emotion first as your the leader and you have responsibility of your entire team. Thus, a leader should be able to stay calm in-order to manage the family and problems together.

She is always a princess to her father and her elder brother too. She holds a relation of a friend with her brother who always motivated her and helps her in taking decisions of her life. She really understands that brothers are strength for their sisters and they are really going to be best friends for life & will be able to face anything together whatever life sends for.

She is proud that she has all the support of her family that one day she will surely prove herself for the best. She is never intimidated by anyone and proclaims that there are more important things in life than winning or loosing a game and that’s nothing else that being happy all the time.

Memories are beautiful but life is even better.
With such a beautiful note JBS Family wishes Miss. Jyoti Agarwal all the succes & happiness.
May you always shine in life and make an excellent career!
Keep that beautiful smile always as that’s your true identity.



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