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MBA student feeling proud to give presentation on Tata’s..

Curiosity was on peak while rehearsals as the brand name was enough to give goosebumps..
Afterall, it was ‘Tata’s- one of the World’s leading brand’..
MBA student feeling proud to give presentation on Tata’s..
She states- “I had ever wondered how it would be to represent her brand city in front of the mates from all over India! @JBS, Noida..”


Student Stories

Lets’s say Hi!
To Geetanjali Vadehra, a soft spoken girl with charming smile is known as a foreigner in her own country as per her bold appearance. She is a freelance writer, with a work experience of 2 years in Energy Efficiency Services Ltd. is now pursuing her MBA degree from JBS, Noida (Batch 2017-19). She succinctly believes that –Life is about adventure, so don’t make plans.

“If you don’t know where you want to go, then it doesn’t matter which path you take” – she often quotes Walt Disney as one of her favorite tagline and tells us that it’s often seems impossible in practical situation to know the end results of the journey opted for. Instead she accepts the joy in the journey, not the destination and continues moving forward aiming only for success no matter where it is.

Miss Vadehra remarks – “A strong business woman knows what she wants and goes for it. If she’s not sure, she trusts her gut and risks it.”
As far as her future goal is concerned, she responds that – “I’m weighing a lot of options right now and haven’t set my mind on any one yet.”
When asked why MBA? She answered – “while working, I could see that I had a lot to learn from my teammates who were MBA graduates. Also, I wanted entrepreneurial skills.”

“I have a strong inkling towards fighting for animal rights thus pushing for adoption of stray animals, since I adopted a stray puppy myself. She’s over 1 year old now”- says Miss.Vadehra, as she loves animals and in due course of time, once she’s financially stable, she’ll be donating to volunteer organizations that pick up homeless and sick animals and fund their boarding, treatment and adoption. Taking it furthermore to a long term plan, she might open a shelter for stray animals herself.

She enjoys knowing people and exploring places though she seems reserved at times.
In her company, she chooses to stay with people who are honest and genuine and possess good sense of humor. She asserts that the journey of MBA is imparting her with positive attitude and strong personality change that she always wished for.
Miss. Vadehra cherishes every moment of her life as she believes that – The gift of Life is Life itself.

In this journey of life, we wish you get success of tons.


An Entrepreneur isn’t someone who owns a business, but he’s someone who thinks out of the box and makes things happen because he wants to change the world.. Focus on change and results, success will automatically come your way..



The Alumni Meet, 2018

JBS extends a heartfelt gratitude to the alumni who were able to make it for The Alumni Meet, 2018. We thank you for making the Day worth remembering. It was pleasure hosting and entertaining you.



Heart touching dance performance by Harsh Gautam, on Valediction, 2018.

Team JBS organised a Business Plan competition.

Team JBS organised a Business Plan competition. Several teams from Business Schools across NCR participated in the event. The event was appreciated for the innovative ideas presented by the student teams.

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