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Life can’t be valued with money but it surely is required to live one

Life can’t be valued with money but it surely is required to live one.

Financial planning is something that majority of us tend to ignore during good times. Its of paramount importance and is required when the troubled times hit us unexpectedly.

Today, team Kotak Life headed by Mr. Vivek Bharat along with his colleagues Mr. Akash Sharma, Ms. Rajshree Saha, Mr.Prakash Agarwal and Mr.Anuj visited JBS, Noida with the intentions to impart the right knowledge into the aspiring MBA students regarding how valuable life is and how financial decisions such as buying life insurance or having a good financial plan can help us in our life and create a happy future. We, JBS, Noida noida thank the whole Kotak Life team for their valuable time and a brilliant eyeopening session.


Impressions, JIIT Noida

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.’ – Marcel Proust
Feel the wanderlust as Impressions’19 seeks to serve you an unforgettable journey filled with surreal experiences, shifts in perception, and an invigoration of the wonder that is the human experience. We hope you will leave the festival with a collection of unforgettable memories.

Embrace the magic of exploring and discovering, as we present to you the teaser of the Impressions’19 theme- Feel The Wanderlust.


METOOMOVEMENT spreading like wildfire

Hello Viewers !

We recently woke up to the #METOOMOVEMENT spreading like wildfire and everyday a new name was dragged to the list of the accused.
So today we have a panel of 7 MBA students (Batch 2017-19) here to discuss on the very same topic #MeTooMovement.
We had this Debate coordinated by @Esha Singh & Anilender Tyagi under the supervision of Prof. Shriram Purankar.
As the participants we had Namami Taneja, Ayshu Khanna, Amit Prakash, Prapti Kapoor, Shourya Dam, Ashaa Prajapati Daksh & Shruti Trivedi.

Good luck and also ensures that he achieve heights of success

JBS, Noida thanks Mr. Prakhar Agarwal (an alumni of JIIT & JBS, Noida)
who gave his perspective about the growing field of analytics
and dispelled the myth that ‘Analytics companies only hires experienced employees’.

He spent time in Grail Research in financial and market research recently moved on to SmartCube.

He also made us aware that how analytics is to be presented in front of leadership and management for impactful decision making and how it can be presented in students resume as well.

JBS, Noida wishes him good luck and also ensures that he achieve heights of success in his career.


‘Dark Prince’ represented JBS, Noida

A gun is no more dangerous than a cricket bat in the hands of a madman..and to prove it team ‘Dark Prince’ represented JBS, Noida that came up to set fire on the pitch…🏏

Impressions, JIIT Noida’s

We try to create a moment, so you can experience a feeling,
We live for that moment, we live for that feeling.

It’s that time of the year again, when the energetic beat drops send the crowd into a frenzy, when laughter echoes through the atmosphere, and when people sway in joy, forgetting all their woes. As your heart craves for Impressions’19, we bring back to you, euphoric moments to rewind and scintillating memories to relive.

With nostalgia and pride in our hearts, we present to you the Aftermovie of Impressions 2018, the carnival of emotions.

Directed by: Prateek Bansal | Hashtag Films | https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCcrXQqL8rShgakwi2Iyejtw


JBS MBA Admissions 2019 has appeared in Education Times Edition of The Times of India

The first newspaper advertisement for JBS MBA Admissions 2019 has appeared in Education Times Edition of The Times of India dated 12th November 2018.
Please share generously on your social media pages ! First Round of GD/PI admissions to be held on Saturday November 17th 2018.

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