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Elegance is her essence, grace and poise set her apart from the crowd.
She is Esha Singh, who is the perfect combination of beauty with brains.

“Live and let live” is what she follows as she can just be and can let others just be too. She has a class of her own which doesn’t come from her background or parental status but from her proud, confident personality that she holds. She believes in herself and is strongly determined for her career growth. She has a finesse in her manner and speech that is graceful and elegant.

Being a young girl with a positive outlook for life she is punctual, diligent and positive in attitude that creates an impression anywhere she goes and leaves a lasting memory on the audience. She is generous, and shows real empathy to her family, friends and colleagues. She is friendly with the ones she is close to yet reserved and conscious with unknowns. She can manage her emotions well even thus, doesn’t burst out with anger randomly or suddenly.

Esha worked as an intern at ‘Indusind Bank’ during her B.Com. After completing her Bachelors, she wanted to get a whole perspective about the business world for which she opted MBA. She wants to know what it feels to take risk and then think on the possible solutions to deal with uncertainties in the world of business. Hunting for the possible alternative and putting the best management techniques was something challenging that would bring her out of her comfort zone and feel the pressure that any business person undergoes.

Something more that distinguishes her from others is her independent quality. She has working parents and thus, from a very small age she took personal responsibility for her own well being and she knows what’s good and suitable for her and what’s not. She’s introspective and she puts in the effort to understand herself on a deeper level so she doesn’t let others direct her decisions in life. She doesn’t give her power away to anyone.

Though she is the only loving child of her parents she never misused her liberties but learnt to utilize the given worldly pleasure and comfort in a fruitful and productive way. She adapts with situations and is flexible too. She is open-minded but she doesn’t try too hard just to fit in. She sticks to her own principles and she’s both gentle and firm.

Esha is a very kind hearted person. Once she shared with us how she used to go to write exam papers, willing for physically challenged students. She also has a soft corner and profound love for animals. She always does something or the other for helping them live a better and longer life.

It was amusing yet encouraging to know that she is so much into exploring new places and loves travelling that once she went for a solo trip to Pondicherry. It was very emotional as well as motivating for the audience to know that she managed all her expenses during the trip, with her savings so far.

After MBA, Esha wants to explore the world along with her parents. She is determined to pamper her parents and give them the life that they deserve. She was born & brought up like a princess. She loves them and understands how much hardwork they did to give their daughter comfortable and moreover a luxurious life. She also wants to contribute some part of her salary to rescue animals from cruelty.

Esha used to live a fairytale life with no problems and hardships faced, as she was a good student. But life knocked her down few times when she was giving attempts to clear CA. That was the time she realized that life is full of uncertainties. That was a devastating period for as she dealt with failure for the first time so far in career after which she gave a thought on ‘Life’ and understood that life is full of ups & downs and also felt that failures are important in life to make you realize the pain and struggle that people deals with in their normal life.

‘Bill Gates’ remarked, “It’s good to celebrate success but it’s more important to heed the lessons of failure”. This quote motivted Esha, and with positivism and strength to overcome the phase, she didn’t let the sadness get room in her heart & mind.

With such a motivating quote, we are proud to have Miss. Esha Singh with us, who is graceful with every step she takes and thus we feel she will become a true idol as a businesswomen for the society in future, setting a statement of elegance and attitude.

JBS family wishes Miss. Esha Singh success & prosperity in whatever you do. God bless!



Miss. Urvashi Garg, has a straight mantra of life – ‘Smile, it creates a difference’. Life is a roller coaster with ups and downs, but it’s your choice to scream or enjoy. You will have to go through it like everyone does; no one can escape from it.
So, why not just ‘Smile’ and face it.

A beautiful smile not only enhances the beauty of you but also grooms your personality. Even if you have got a beautiful visage, smile makes you appear younger, more confident, convincing and approachable; which in turn makes all your work easier and simpler.

She is a solution finder to every problem that come in-front of her. She is always ready to help people with anything she can.
We find her laborious, studious, helpful and keen to learn. She motivates herself and people to experience & explore new things in life and keep on learning lessons from practical experiences.
For her, Family comes before anything in life. She wants to prove to the society that girls can do miracles if they get determined about anything.
She wanted to explore this business world more and she was determined to pursue MBA as her post graduation from a very young age, and now she is pursuing her dream at JBS.

Urvashi, has also gained a great experience as an HR intern at LUMAX Industry Ltd., Rudrapur (UK) during her Bachelors in Business Administrations. In her part time she has helped some underprivileged children by imparting education along with distributing free books and stationeries for many years which is a great step taken towards child literacy.

Once she had participated in the debate at National Conference held by ‘Make in India’ where her topic was Skill enhancement through ‘Make in India’. She expresses that winning or losing was secondary and all that mattered to them was to fall in line with the spirit of participation. And passing with distinction in her 12th grade was something great for her in-fact these were two biggest achievements till date for her.

She wants to stand on her feet and get independent soon. For this she is contributing her ability, skill, passion and dedication in full force to achieve her goal. After MBA, she wants to stable her life along with her family and after which she aims to impart free education to underprivileged students.

She strongly believes that miracles do happen only if you believe in yourself. She remarks, “Challenge your ability and grab the opportunity provided and make it perfect, to make yourself proud first”.

We wish Miss. Urvashi Garg, great achievements in future. You are a shining star! We are happy and excited for your success. Keep smiling and enjoying.



A happy-go-lucky person and has got a positive outlook on life.
He is Atishay Jain, proudly says that “I’m happy all the time because I choose to be happy”.

“Live in the moment”, Atishay shares that he became strong due to hard times, wise because of his mistakes, happier of his sad experiences. It’s all part of life after all; one has to face what may come. No matter whatever happens nothing can wipe that smile of his face. He believes that one shouldn’t mourn for the past, worry about the future but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly. Yes, he can very well balance all the emotions as per situations. Being emotional, he doesn’t allow negativity or sadness to surround or over power him. Sometimes we also find him rigid with his decisions when it comes to career point. People around him, describes him as a person with mixed emotions.
To the outer world, he is a person who has it all, who appears happy all the time.

During his Engineering, he did his internship at Assomac Machines Ltd., Ghaziabad and also at Uflex Ltd., Noida where he learnt the art of machine making and huge immense information about the production line & operations and about India’s largest flexible packaging company respectively.

After completing his Bachelors in mechanical engineering, currently Atishay is pursuing MBA from JBS. At the end of his engineering, it was a turning point in his life when he went for an interview that was purely for marketing profile but for the sake of testing his ability, he went through the session and cracked it. It was the Interviewer who motivated and praised him for his marketing skills and thus it happened eventually that he chose MBA, although he was very much interested for the automobile sector which is evident through his love, interest & madness for cars. He actually loves to acquire all the possible information about cars & gadgets in the market.

“Pleasure in the job, puts perfection in the work” Atishay follows this quote by Aristotle and loves perfection in every work he does to the best of his ability. One should put his entire caliber & energy to pursue excellence as success is the sure to follow, Atishay does that too.

Favoring his passion for cars, after successfully completing his MBA, he aims to work in an automobile industry and to explore all its dimensions.

He enjoys reading success stories of people who made a difference in the world.
Jack Ma, the co-founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group, faced many rejections in his career path, but he never gave up. This ides of never giving up in any tough situation that occurs, motivates Atishay a lot.

After gaining experience from the company he gets hired by, Atishay is strongly determined to return all that he has taken from the society with respect to experience earned and knowledge that he acquired till date. According to him, we can bring change in the society al in positive way, if one starts sharing his experience related to education and career. He ascertains, “Knowledge has no value unless you use it and further share it with the society”.

“My life is so blessed with amazing family who gave me such values and showed me the path towards success. A big thank you to Mom & Dad! ” remarks Atishay.

With such an inspiring note, JBS family wishes Atishay Jain, the very best for all the new ventures that life has stored for you.



It’s been long said that “eyes are the windows of the soul”.
“The girl with sparkling eyes” – Prapti Kapoor.

She is beautiful, not just by her looks & personality but also with the way she thinks, for that sparkle in her eyes, for her ability to make others smile. Her eyes are the true and fair reflection of her pure soul. Her friend and family agrees to the fact that as she passes by any person who is sad, she has that positivism in her that she stops and shows concern to the stranger with her encouraging words that he starts smiling at once. She cannot see anyone in pain and thus helps unconditionally. She is a selfless person when it comes to take care of others and help a needy one. She owns a distinguishing personality in her own way as she possesses love for herself and others, liveliness as she loves herself and life, honesty as she is pure, wisdom, responsibility, awareness of her decisions and choices, understanding nature and commitment for relations and priorities set. She is great with her friends and loved ones as she is caring and understands the importance of relations.

Miss. Prapti Kapoor is pursuing her MBA degree from JBS. Being a girl who is so pure at heart with an attractive smile on her face, no one thought she would get into business. But she chose MBA, as she wanted to know why business is not everyone’s cup of tea; she wanted to experience something tough & out of her comfort zone. She wanted to know and explore the business world hands on. She is great student too as she is keen on learning and experiencing stuff that is new to her. Often in her pastime she enjoyed teaching kids and spreading awareness of importance of education in rural areas. Miss. Prapti has a soft corner for elderly and senior citizens. Often during festivals or special occasions she visits old age homes for celebrating with older people who are away from their family and loved ones.

It was the biggest achievement in her life till date when she saw her photograph in the newspaper, when she scored great marks in her 12th grade. She further shares that it was her grandfathers dream to witness his loving granddaughters photograph in the newspaper. But unfortunately, 3 months before when his dream actually came true, he left the world. This was also a turning point in Prapti’s life as she loved him so much that it was tough to come out of that trauma that her motivation was no more around her. But slowly, as time passed she tried to motivate herself to live a life that his grandfather wished for her. And here she is with all her determination and will power to establish her name in the business world.

Miss. Prapti has tried her level best to change her nature for facing the challenges in the corporate level as per the situation would demand. She has got that manipulation skill and convincing power which is the most required in this field. She like exploring places, knowing about different culture & people and thus she loves travelling.
Prapti is strongly against of child labor and after MBA, she plans to donate some part of her salary for the educating the children and release them from working for bread and begging on roads.

With such a noble thought, on behalf of JBS family, I wish all your dream comes true, with even more success and happiness in abundance.


MBA Students of JBS in full swing at their “CORPORATE INTERNSHIP”.

Internship is an essential part of MBA program that is imparted to students at business schools.

The experience that the interns gather helps them to increase their knowledge, enhance their skills & develop them thoroughly. Such experiences help the students by increasing their chances of better placements and future career.

It’s an opportunity given for management students to experience hands on training, tackle with tough situations and face real life challenges that they will need to experience in their business journey ahead.

During the “Summer Internship” period, the interaction that takes place between the interns and the industry, enlighten them about different roles across the divisions of management.


“Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting, this showcase the unique you” this is what he proclaims, with strong will power and determination. He is Shubham Tyagi, pursuing MBA, from JBS, Noida. He has always been an individual with balanced mind. He takes all his decisions after evaluating the pros & cons of the situation or problem. Yes, he had been an introvert person but strong enough to take a stand for himself and his loved ones in odd situations.

Shubham wanted to become a Charted Accountant formerly. No sooner did he realize that it was taking lot of time and he had limited time to secure his future. Accepting the fact that now, he had to take a decision on continuing or taking a break for a mean while, then after which he finally chose to opt for MBA. He further justifies his choice by disclosing that it was his father’s dream to establish an educational institution for underprivileged students who are good at studies but aren’t able to afford the same.Thus, he aspires to become an MBA, as he aims to secure his future first and stand on his own feet after and then after 4-5 years down the line he wants to own an institution.

After joining MBA, he accepted the change in himself as a person. Shubham reveals proudly that he has changed for good; he has transformed himself into an ambivert and has enhanced his communication skills too along with personality development. He is now enjoying and building great interest in finance and aims to enter into stock market in his journey of business. Furthermore, he operates from his deepest conviction in order to create authentic and optimal performance. With such positive attitude, he learnt to trust his own caliber and believe in himself first. Work with full determination and leave the results on God.

“A job doesn’t dictate your lifestyle; it’s what you do to get it and how you manage your finance that determines your lifestyle”. Shubham express that he craves for job satisfaction, reputation, fame, increased standard of living that comes only when you are happy working and enjoy your life.

“The only way to do work is to love what you do”, says Shubham, “If you haven’t got it yet keep hunting for it, do not settle for average”. He has dreamt for a life full of happiness, inner peace, health, respect, values, dignity, patience, trust, character that money cannot buy. Simplicity is his life’s mantra; he stays focused and motivated for achieving his dream. He is a leader of his life. He has some set principles for his life that he follows strictly and doesn’t let anyone get into his comfort zone or take him for granted. Shubham is still preparing to crack CA.

With such a positive thought and to watch what life has stored in for you, we wish Mr. Shubham Tyagi the best of success and excellence in future endeavors.


Management says, “A successful entrepreneur focuses on being productive not just busy”.


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