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The Jaypee Business School, Noida offers Ph.D program in all functional areas of management. The Ph.D program is quite rigorous as the scholars are expected to undertake stipulated course work and present their progress every 6 months in the Review Seminar before the research board.

For admission to the Ph.D program the following is considered .

Performance in Interview for those who have qualified in SLET /UGC /CSIR (JRF) or equivalent national level examinations or are in receipt of fellowships like DST/DBT /DAE/CSIR /QIP /ICMR /DRDO etc.

Syllabus and Format for Ph.D Admission Test : Management

Format of Ph.D Admission Test Question Paper (For Management)

  1. Duration: 120 Minutes.
  2. Full Marks: 100.
  3. For detailed syllabus refer to the website.
  4. Distribution of Marks.
Part A: (60%) MCQ’s 20% Logical reasoning and Analytical Ability
20% Business and Economic Environment
20% Research Aptitude and Methods
Part B: (40%)(Only one area to be attempted out of areas listed) Attempt all 5 Descriptive Questions of any one area. Each question carries 8 marks Areas as specified in the syllabus(General Management / Finance / Marketing /operations Management/Human Resource Management )

Syllabus of Ph.D Admission Test ( For Management)

Part A: (60% MCQs).

60 multiple choice questions of one mark each covering (i) Logical Reasoning and Analytical Ability (ii) Business and Economic Environment (iii) Research Aptitude and Methods.

Part B: (40%) from any one area mentioned below.

Five Descriptive Questions of 8 marks each.

General Management

Management Process and Organizational Behaviour- Evolution of Management thought, Management Functions, Decision making, Group Dynamics, Work motivation, Conflict Management. Application of Information Technology in Management, Micro and Macro economics, Economic environment and policy.


Financial Statement Analysis, Fund Flow and Cash Flow Analysis, Nature and scope of Financial Management, Capital budgeting decisions, Capital Market and Regulation, Stock Market and Regulation; Mutual Funds, Money Market and Instruments; Investment and Portfolio Management; Investment Risk and Returns; Security Analysis; Foreign Exchange Markets.; Ratio Analysis.


Marketing as a Philosophy of business and Marketing Process, Marketing Mix Decisions, Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning, Consumer Behaviour; Buying Motives, Factors Influencing Consumer Behaviour. Tools and Techniques of Marketing research.

Operations Management

Role and Scope of Operations Management; Faculty Location; Layout Planning and Analysis, Production Planning and Control, Operations Process Analysis, Demand Forecasting for Operations, Determinants of Product mix, Production Scheduling, Work measurement, Time and Motion Study, Statistical Quality Control, Concepts in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Total Quality Management and Service Operations Management. Role and Scope of Operations Research, Linear Programming; Sensitivity Analysis, Duality, Transportation Model; Inventory Control, Queueing Theory, Decision Theory, Markov Analysis, PERT / CPM.

Human Resource Management

Organizing and Staffing; Recruitment, Selection, Placement and Induction processes: – meaning, nature, methods, techniques -current practices; Performance Appraisal and Performance Management processes Human Resource Development- Training and Development Processes – meaning, nature, methods and techniques; Human Resource Information System; Human Resource Accounting and Auditing; ( current developments and practices in these area). Management of Industrial Relations: Trade Unions and Employers Associations; Discipline and Grievance Management; Participative Management, ILO and Industrial Relations.

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