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It was the day of ‘The Fresher’s Party’, for the ‘batch 2017-19’,
when this pretty face with her dancing toes had held our collective conscience captive from start to end by her beautiful performance.

She was flowing as if it were the only way her body knew how to speak. On stage her personality, passion burst through into the most vibrant picture of a beautiful soul of her.

She is Anshika Agarwal, known for her dazzling eyes and dancing toes.

When she hears music, it’s like liquid adrenaline being injected into her blood stream, so strong to freak the hell out of the audience just enough to move everyone’s body in excitement and joy. In pain or agony, Music is her best friend. She unleashed her emotions into her dance. Dance is passion for her. Music controls her as she embraces it and gets swayed away in a different world.

Anshika is very jovial kinda person for her friends and family yet reserved for strangers. Her entire being moves with purposeful clarity. She is patient enough to live a happy life. She knows how to take her stand in life, boldly and how to deal with tough situations. Being helpful, caring, loving, patient and lively she never rushes for anything good or bad instead she chooses to go with the flow in life full of uncertainties at every moment.
She focuses on living the present first understanding that ‘Aliveness Lives in the Present’.

During her school days, she used to be a shy girl who was introvert too but it was a turning point in her life when she joined a boarding school for further studies and there she got to open herself and become independent. At boarding, she got opportunities groom herself in-order to look presentable and get rid of her shyness and start being active and participative. It actually changed her life for good.

She is pursuing MBA, with the initial aim of boosting confidence level and enhancing her personality to be able to get through the tough life of business world in coming future.
Furthermore, she wants to become an entrepreneur as she has experience of a year in the field of fashion designing.
She has a good grasping power and understands things at once which works as star quality to design a bright and successful future ahead in the field of business without retakes.

Multi-talented she is really, possessing the skills of perfection level of becoming a makeup artist and also a choreographer in such young age. She is a talented youngster with enthusiasm running in her nerves. She is waiting for that correct time to launch her own starry business which is her biggest dream.

Her father is her role model in the business world. After her grandfather, Anshika’s father took over his small shop along with the responsibility of his family at a very small age. She got inspired by his skills of turning a small shop into a showroom all by his own strength, hard-work and dedication. Today her father is one of a famous and respectable businessman of her town. She aims to follow his footsteps and become like him one day.

JBS Family wishes Miss Anshika Agarwal a great success ahead as you truly deserved. May you meet more glory in your life in coming future.