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INDIA TODAY : MIND ROCKS 2016, Youth Summit

Teachers’ Day celebrations at JBS….a great show put up by the students!


A melodious song sung by Mudita Saxena- JBS MBA 2nd year student

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to imagination and life to everything.
A melodious song sung by Mudita Saxena– JBS MBA 2nd year student

Janmashtmi Celebration at JBS, Noida


Celebrating India’s Favourite E-commerce Brands


The Social Media Marketing India Trends Study 2016…by Ernst and Young………..


THE MANAGEMENT TIP OF THE DAY: Harvard Business Review

THE MANAGEMENT TIP OF THE DAY: Harvard Business Review

August 03, 2016

Head Off Your Next Angry Outburst

When you’re angry or disappointed with a colleague, it can be tempting to dash off a text or email to say so. But an angry message sent in haste can ruin a relationship. Before communicating, ask yourself:

What outcome do I want? Think about your end goal and respond in a way that will achieve it.
What should I communicate? If, for example, you want to be in the loop on a project, saying “I’m concerned that you didn’t include me in that meeting” is clearly a better choice than “I can’t believe you didn’t include me!”
How should I communicate? If you listen to other people, they’ll most likely return the favor. Be curious and ask questions. Ask other people whether you’ve understood their perspective.
When should I communicate? Wait until you can approach the conversation with curiosity, compassion, and clarity, and until the other person is likely to be generous and calm.
Adapted from “Outsmart Your Next Angry Outburst,” by Peter Bregman

Corporate Internship Experience-5 Aishwarya Bhatnagar-MBA 2nd year-Marketing

Corporate Internship Experience-4 Umang Khanna-MBA 2nd year- Marketing

Corporate Internship Experience-3 – Business World Samrat Sharma – MBA- 2nd Year (Marketing)