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Today we had a very special guest at JBS, Brig. Yoginder Parimu to talk about professionalism and how it leads to excellence

Professionalism is not the job you do but it’s how you do the job”

Today we had a very special guest at JBS,Brig. Yoginder Parimu to talk about professionalism and how it leads to excellence.

Brig. Yoginder Parimu has had an illustrious career spanning well over 5 decades. He started his career as an Officer in the Indian Army in 1963. He was Commanding Officer – Assault Engineering Regiment (83-85) and was Chief Engineer (91-95) in the intense terrorist environment of Siachen Glacier. He also worked in various teaching capacities in Staff College of Combat, Mhow, College of Military Engineering, Pune and as Commander Faculty of Civil Engineering in the College of Military Engineering in Pune.In July 1995, he joined Jaiprakash Associates (Cement Division) as General Manager Admin and he became Vice President – Jaiprakash Associates (Cement Division) by May 1997. By 2006 he had become President-Jaiprakash Associates (Cement Division) and by 2017 -President Corporate HR for Jaiprakash Associates (Cement Division). In April 2011, he was deputed as the Unit Head (similar to CEO) of the Gujarat Cement Plant of Jaypee and finally by the end of 2012 he retired.

Looking at all his achievements, who else could have been a better person to talk to the students and gear them up for the placements?

We always wonder what is that one thing that helps people achieve great heights in their career and today Brig.Yogender Parmu gave us the answer to that question. It is Professionalism, a word he places great emphasis on and something that reflects in his career of around 5 decades.

Below are few talking points from his talk –

1) People are not born with professionalism.

2) This is something they develop in themselves over the time.

3) To excel professionally one needs to acquire, assimilate and exhibit certain required attributes and behaviour, which include-

· Specialised knowledge

· Competence

· Ethics (Reliability,dedication,productivity,cooperation and character)

· Maintaining your image

· Self-regulation

· Accountability

To sum it up he said that one needs to develop Emotional Intelligence, honour commitment, equip oneself with the tools one needs, develop listening skills and be honest.


Thank you Prof. Robert D Hisrich, the Bridgestone Professor of International Marketing and Associate Dean of Graduate and International Programs at College of Business, Kent State University, for joining us for an extremely invigorating session on Innovation and Entrepreneurial Ventures

The ICFL and NISM certification workshop…cheers!!


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