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Management says, “A successful entrepreneur focuses on being productive not just busy”.




“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are”, quote by Marilyn Monroe, is followed by Miss Akshi Verma, who is currently pursuing her MBA from JBS, Noida. She believes strongly, that not accepting ourselves is ill-treating our emotional and spiritual state. It’s wasting ourselves, when we are focusing on what we could be; we are consequently ignoring who we are.

Miss Akshi is having an Engineering background, and then she chose MBA for further studies. When she was questioned for her choice, she replied “There’s a huge difference in an Engineer and a MBA and I want to know all about business as my father is a businessman. I chose MBA, because Engineering along with MBA is a good combination”. Her father is actually her motivation and the only person who excites her to know all about business. She is very strict with the set rules for her life which she follows honestly. She likes perfection in every work as she is highly conscious and hyper critical of mistakes, infact she spends copious amount of time to perfect something.

“Don’t’ delay, do it today” is her daily mantra that Akshi follows. She works day in and day out on any given project to finish it before the deadline. She hates when her work gets delayed due to anyone thus, she isn’t dependant for anything, on anyone. She completes her tasks beforehand so that she can present it confidently at the presentation day. She mull over outcomes if they did not turn out as envisioned. “The real way to free up some time is by getting started to work on the project immediately” says Akshi. By doing it this way, not only does she minimizes work load daily, but also she finishes with the project in no time at all. She sets absolute ideas, there is either black or white no grey.

Miss. Akshi loves to share her knowledge; she enjoyed teaching students back in her graduation days I her idle time and now she helps her friends at college. In order to stay positive she keeps herself surrounded by positivism all the time. Akshi is not a wanderer; she loves her personal space at room, where she doesn’t allow anyone to interfere in her personal stuff of life. She isn’t a party girl rather prefers to sleep during holidays. She does likes to get together with friends and enjoy but not often as she is determined to complete what she aims for in life and for that her priority lies with time management for fruitful things. Reading novels is one of her favorite hobby. Often we have witnessed how smoothly she takes care of her loved ones and tries to solve their problem in no time. She has got that quality in herself to make the other person realize of his/her mistake without making them feel offended or spoiling relations.

After MBA, she aims to do something in the education line as she wants to encourage students and reinforce positivism towards online education. She wants to create awareness about the virtual and traditional mix of technology for effective and efficient usage in order to upgrade the performance and gain better results.

There were times in life when she dealt with hardships. But with the support of her family, she was encouraged and motivated for her career and take it top in her priority rather than giving way to emotions to take control. Showing her boldness to tackle with tough situation being a single child of her parents was a challenge in itself. She proudly proclaims that her parents are her strength and reason of her bold yet cheerful nature.

We wish Miss Akshi Verma, all the best for her future endeavors



“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, because no one else but God watches”. This was a child’s thought, who was an introvert person from the childhood but now grows up to be an ambivert man, Amit Prakash.

Amit chose MBA, as he had interest in finance field and thus he looks forward to get placed in financial sector. He also wanted to build his personality and get groomed in-order to help himself transform into an extrovert personality.

While others are busy with their personal stuff, he observes things most people are oblivious too. He knows how to manage tasks accurately in less time which shows he is creative at work. He knows how to balance things in life. He is a patient listener too, but yes, he follows his heart and mind while taking random decisions. He says ‘good listener is an important virtue that will assist us in building peace and understanding’. Amit tend to stick to a small friend circle because he values close relationship with few that he has. Amidst the noise of chatterboxes, Amit sometimes gets everyone drowned out with his thoughts.

“Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed” believes Amit, setting a real example of a selfless person. He is always the first person to help others in anything he can to the best of his ability. Be it in class for sharing his knowledge to lunchbox, or be it socially, Amit is the first person to help all without being asked for. Especially in class, he takes up as his responsibility to share the Presentations with all at personal mails before exams. That’s very kind of him to take care of all at once at exam days when students are in pressure.

After few years of getting placed, he wishes to own a luxurious house and a car for his family. He also wishes to help disabled and under-privileged children for study, as much as he can after he starts earning well. Amit also feeds poor children and old ones once a week and wishes to continue for life. Something that is rare is hard to find, and so is Amit. He is a person who is honest and charitable. His friends value his friendship & support and also understand his worth and noble attitude.

Amit is a genuine person who helps others unconditionally and without grievances. He has went through many ups and downs in life and thus regardless of others faults or sorrows he values humanity to experience positive regards. “Days well spent with my friends and family becomes the happiest day of my life” states Amit, which shows how lively he can be and how well can he enjoy with his deepest impulses.

I would like to take this opportunity and Thank Amit Prakash, on behalf of whole MBA, Batch 2017-19 for his unconditional helping attitude that helped us a lot. And thanks for being such a genuine friend of ours. We are lucky to have you in this journey.


Student corporate visit to HERO MOTOCORP plant at Manesar!


“Enjoy every moment of your life.
Because in life, there are no rewinds, only flashbacks.
Make sure it’s all worth it.”

She is a beautiful girl with golden heart, Namami Taneja, who believes so. Currently, she is a pursuing her MBA from JBS, Noida. Her friends appraise her by stating her qualities of being caring, loving, helping, intense and passionate about her work. She stands up for what she believes even if she stands alone. She is a courageous and positive attitude compliments her personality.

She has this absolute passionate drive to own a fashion designing house soon after MBA. Furthermore, she unfolds the secret that it was her mothers’ dream actually and now it’s hers. By encouraging self entrepreneurial mindset and spirit, she proclaims “openness to take risk, clear vision & acceptance of the failures gracefully is the attitude an entrepreneur should possess. Thus, I will understand and overcome procrastination and I’ll be assertive, not aggressive.”

Coming from a commerce background, she was working as an intern at share market where she loosed interest and thus chose MBA for accomplishing her goal. She has that zeal in her to become an entrepreneur soon. Reading e-books and surfing through internet is what she does in her idle time.
Recently, she participated in a Business plan competition and was backed by the 2nd position on stage, which acted like a power booster and motivation towards achieving her dream goal. She loves travelling and thus, shared the memories of her visit to foreign countries like Singapore & Malaysia as the best travel experience till date.

Miss. Namami, was honored to became an elder sister of her cousin brother gifted by God, to The Taneja’s. When her parents placed this little soul on her arms, she wrapped her arms around him and held him close. Very happily & emotionally, she states that it was the happiest day of her life. She thanked The Almighty, for such a precious gift of her life that she longed for almost 17 years after her birth. Her family joyfully celebrated the arrival of a new member in house.

The loving part of her nature is that she is very caring and thoughtful for her loved ones, about her things and about life. She always wears that beautiful smile on her face filled with tenderness, mesmerizes and attracts all towards her. She cares without expectations from others and loves unconditionally.
Yes, because she possess a golden heart!


Jaypee Business School believes in well rounded learning and hence has introduced courses like ‘Social and Professional Skills’ in its curricullum.

Jaypee Business School believes in well rounded learning and hence has introduced courses like ‘Social and Professional Skills’ in its curricullum. This photo captures students in Teamwork module playing a Team game called ‘Jenga’. The game teaches students to collaborate and compete and motivates the students to trust their team members to execute a strategized plan or live with the consequences.


Let’s meet Aakash Bhushan, student & C.R. of MBA (Batch 2017-19).

His well built, muscular physique may seem rather unapproachable and cold, but once you get to know him more, you’ll find a really kind, sensitive person in him. He is respected for his confidence but sometimes people feel incompetent around him because of his achievements. He doesn’t ever settle for average and is participative in every practical opportunity to proof himself as a fighter. Some might even mistake his confidence as arrogance.

“Work hard until your idols become your rivals” remarks Mr. Bhushan.

He believes that you are successful only after the people you had admired throughout come equal to you, become your rival and fears to face you. He wants to become a hero and role model for generations in future, and that’s why he opted for MBA. He’s got a business mind, when it comes to earning fame along with money. He is manipulative and persuasive in nature which is his upper hand in any field of business.
Mr. Bhushan, dreams to live a lavish life along with his parents in future and he wants to own a “Jaguar F-Type” his dream car, soon. He is a responsible person with high integrity values and that’s some of the reason’s because of which he is the Class Representative of his MBA class.

Mr. Bhushan had once been a part of ‘Clean Gomti’ project at Lucknow, which was the initiative taken by five young boys, who were his own friends when he was in ninth grade at school. This project was covered by the popular newspaper ‘Dainik Jagran’. In this project he was able to promote it very effectively in the crowd of many and attracted almost fifty youngsters to join hands in the project to make it a great success. His strength was respected widely by all.

Mr.Bhushan, is often mistaken as a rock as he is tough outwardly, but he is bruiser with a soft center. He stands for animal cruelty and aims to open an animal shelter cum aid, soon after MBA. He strongly views that the only way we can stamp out cruelty towards animals is only after each one of us gets vigilant and willing to do our part with honesty. He possesses a soft corner for stray animals, and homeless children.

However, he has a heart of gold. Once he narrated a short incident to his friends – While he was passing by the street, one day, he heard cries of a boy aged 10. He tried to understand, where the voice came from? Suddenly, he spotted a street vendor, who was with his son selling garlands of scented flowers. Aakash went to him asked the reason of his son’s crying out loud. The vendor then reported that his son was suffering from fever and he didn’t have enough money to take him to a good doctor. Aakash got considerate and got his son treated, immediately by a nearest doctor.

The vendor got emotional and as a token of blessing, the vendor gave Aakash eleven bucks, as that was that all he could give him for remembrance. This was success for Aakash. And we are proud of him today.

He is very competent and always aims for the success. He is a fitness freak and loves working-out regularly. Besides having physical & mental toughness he also has a warm and caring heart to help resolve all the problems of his loved ones. A friend like him, herculean from outside but soft on inside is to be treasured. If u try to understand him with time, he can prove to be a friend for life.

Mr. Bhushan shares his thoughts by saying – “Earn your status. Making money is good; making a difference is better; but making money while making a difference beats all. After all it’s all about money at the End”.